Weekly Summary 10!

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Video Analysis Daily Creates Sign Language Special Person Montage I am Gabby Comments: http://gabbing-gabi.carongabi.org/assignments/video-assignment-1/#comment-146 http://gabbing-gabi.carongabi.org/assignments/video-assignment-2/#comment-147 http://ds106.emorelleum.com/viswork/luscious-hair-and-fabulous-faces/#comment-174 http://bloodyface.artismyescape.com/assignment-bank/change-in-tradition/#comment-786 http://bloodyface.artismyescape.com/assignment-bank/diy-home-decorating/#comment-787 http://bloodyface.artismyescape.com/assignment-bank/sign-language/#comment-788 http://www.scottclower.org/ds106/tyrod-taylor-highlight-reel/#comment-1277 http://mikesspookyds106.com/video-assignments/bat-opera-videoassignments497-3-stars/#comment-672 http://anzirp.com/assignment-bank/422/#comment-524 http://anzirp.com/assignment-bank/walk-to-the-gulf/#comment-525

I am Gabby

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This is a Video Assignment that is worth 4 and a half stars. This assignment involves making a video of yourself whether that be video clips or images of yourself and things that make up you as a person. In a sense to give your classmates a glimpse of who you are behind the screen […]

Special Person Montage

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This is a Video Assignment that is worth 5 stars. This video is to choose someone that is special to you and put clips or videos together to show what makes them so special to you. I decided my parents for this assignment. I went through all of the photos that I could of my […]

Sign Language

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This is a video assignment and its worth 4 stars. For this assignment we had to create a word that was a least four letters using only sign language. I had decided on more than one word and once you figure it I hope you can comment your idea of what you think it might […]

Daily Creates!

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@ds106dc #tdc1387 Missing Lochness Monster! pic.twitter.com/eudZQ9XYwe — Gabby Christie (@christie_gabby) October 26, 2015 For this daily create we had to make a missing persons poster. I decided to go with an old fashion myth known as the lochness monster. Everyone knows the legend and I thought that its a missing poster that you would never […]

Weekly Summary 9

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Radio Show Assignments: Camp Poster Suspect Design Create a T-Shirt Daily Creates Comments: http://audyg1rl.com/uncategorized/color-splash/#comment-256 http://audyg1rl.com/assignments/blackmail/#comment-257 http://jimjamsbizarreadventure.com/assignments/a-t-shirt-design-like-no-other/#comment-237 http://thatspookyblog.com/assignments/writing/and-bring-some-coffee/#comment-355 http://thatspookyblog.com/daily-creates/__-the-girl-without-a-pearl-earring-__/#comment-356 http://bloodyface.artismyescape.com/assignment-bank/story-time/#comment-703 http://ds106.forkinall.com/assignments/who-killed-victor/#comment-188 http://www.scottclower.org/ds106/make-my-day/#comment-1177 http://deathbyds106.com/assignments/visual/camp-poster/#comment-273 http://anzirp.com/reflections/the-creepy-chronicles/#comment-483    

Suspect Design

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This is a Design Assignment and its worth 3 and a half stars! For this assignment we needed to make a cork board as if we were detectives solving a case and trying to map out what has happened. We ( Me and Ashley Jackson) decided to use Bloody Face as our character of interest […]

The Daily Creates

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Unfortunately homecoming week got to the best of me so I only got to do two daily creates this week! The first one that I did was my happy place! My happy place is my dog until he wakes me up at 4 a.m. to go out since he is blind. #tdc1383 @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/hjdABMx4YV — […]

Create a T-Shirt

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This is a Design Assignment and its worth 3 stars. For this assignment we had to create our own T-shirt. Ashley decided on doing a shirt using my host character and created a quote of her own that she thought would suit my host character. From there I took her ideas for the T-Shirt and […]