Camp Poster

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This is a Visual Assignment and its worth 3 and a half stars! For this assignment I worked with The Spooky Sisters which is also known as Britney and Ashley from the radio show. The assignment is to make a camp poster. For our idea which actually came together by meeting on campus this week, […]

Weekly Summary Week 8!

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  Radio Show Progress Daily Creates Comments:  

Daily Creates Week 8

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As I did last week I thought that by putting all of the daily creates in one post would make it a ton easier for everyone to view! On Tuesday, I had to use a word from one of my favorite poem or saying and from there create a new poem. I came up with […]

Radio Show Progress Week 2

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Wow I can’t believe that it is already the second week into the radio show and everything is coming together! This week has gone by so quickly mainly because of fall break so it was like hitting the ground running when it came to putting this radio show together. We had already met up the […]

Weekly Summary 7

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  Audio Assignments: 911 Emergency Spooky Dialogue Emotions through Sound Radio Show: Poster Progress Commenting:

Radio Show Progress

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This is the first week of working on the Radio Show and I can feel the pressure and I am so excited for it to all come together! We started out by putting together a google document and from there we put all of our ideas, posters, and thoughts to see what direction we wanted […]

Creepy Chronicles Poster

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This is the image that I chose to represent the Creepy Chronicle which is the title of the Radio Show that I am doing with Britney and Ashley next week! When I thought of the title of our show I instantly thought of dolls and because its October I thought having witches would be perfect […]

Emotions through Sound

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Emotions through sound This is an audio assignment and its worth 3 and 1/2 stars. For this audio assignment I had to display emotions through sound. So to keep going on with my horror frenzy that I have been doing with my other audio assignments I thought I would keep going with it. I decided […]

Spooky Dialogue

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Spooky Dialogue This was an Audio Assignment and it was worth 3 and 1/2 stars. This assignment was to make a spooky dialogue using your voice and other sounds. Since this week we had to use at least 5 stars worth of assignments on our host character I thought I would also use my character […]