911 Emergency


This is an audio Assignment and its worth 4 and 1/2 stars. For this assignment I had the task of making a 911 call as if I was both sides of the conversation. I started out by using my host character The Death Whisperer as the person who called the 911 operator. So for that I recorded my self with both sides of the dialogue. I went back and put the effects of audacity to the test as I put an echo effect for the host character and gave the operator a higher pitch. I also added a lingering wind sound to have some settling background noise for the audio. Then I put in a unusual ghostly noise in random spots that just made the call even more fear to the call. The last thing that I put in the audio was a hanging up phone call audio to make it sound even more realistic. This overall was a fun assignment to allow one to really get to dabble in audacity and bring a creativity element to the ultimate task. I think if I could do anything to improve this assignment I think to have my voice for the operator to be more urgent and hysterical to the point of insanity. All of the sound effects were used from my favorite site

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