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Asylum Murder Mystery

So here it is the final project! Brittney, Ashley and I really put a ton of time and effort into creating a story that hasn’t been thought of before. We started out by trying to figure out how to link all of the characters and came up with having the setting of the final project being an insane asylum. The background of the story is that my host character, the death whisperer has been lingering over the asylum waiting for deaths to occur but there is no such luck so then she plots a plan to bring someone in a bring chaos onto the asylum (brittney’s character) and ashley’s character has a diary recording all of the unusual events and is a sherlock holmes of the story trying to figure out who is behind all of the deaths. After we created the story we started to put in assignments that would fit the story line. We first decided that it was going to be a video to make the story more eerie and haunting. We used visual,writing,audio, and video for this final project. The visual was the images that we had put in over some of the audio, the map of the people on the cork board of suspects and design of the wanted sign for the killer. The writing was the diary entries that were written before we recorded them into the story. The audio was of my character who was the main narrator of the story, the sound effects and the diary entries. The video was putting all of this together plus having video clips of brittney and ashley with the help of their roommates to create a better background for the story. Overall this was an awesome experience for the three of us. We had so much fun creating the radio show together and once we had thought of the story there was just so many elements and assignments that really brought the final product together. If there was any way to improve this project maybe have more videos of us doing unusual things that resemble an asylum but I thought that we had was already haunting enough. This is my last post ever for this class so it is very bittersweet but I really had an amazing time in this class. I have learned so much in this class and I enjoyed our theme more than I anticipated and I wouldn’t have any other theme for my semester. I hope everyone has a good winter break and it was a pleasure being in this class with you.

This is The Death Whisperer,

Signing Out.

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