Bucket List


This assignment was to create 4 images in a collage pertaining to my personal bucket list.

My first one is skydiving as I see it as a personal thrill to reach new heights and have myself at the will of the winds. I am not very fond of heights so I believe by doing this would allow me to get over my fear and to conquer a goal at the same time.

Meeting Tyler Perry probably sounds like an awkward task to put on a bucket list but for me he is an inspiration. He is not only an amazing writer and actor but as a human being has shaped the world as a way to deliver messages while using an outlet of comedy. I have always wanted to meet him ever since he was on Oprah and he talked about his life and the abuse he went through. When you hear someone’s harsh past and triumphant testimony it makes you just want to shake there hand in person and be in awe.

Go on a safari adventure I think would just be a fun experience to have in life. I love wildlife animals and to see them in their own habitat would be a really memorable moment. In all that has happened this year with the killing of the lion I thought this would be appropriate to have on my bucket list and to appreciate the creatures that walk on this Earth.

The last one that has always been a true dream is to travel India. I want to backpack across the land in take in its culture to the fullest extent. India is a beautiful place and I would just love to see it first hand and really have a life long memory that can give me a better outlook on life. I believe that by traveling it would allow me to look at the world in a different lens besides my own.

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