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This is a Visual Assignment and its worth 3 and a half stars! For this assignment I worked with The Spooky Sisters which is also known as Britney and Ashley from the radio show. The assignment is to make a camp poster. For our idea which actually came together by meeting on campus this week, we had decided on first the name of the camp itself. The camps title says it all in the haunting theme that come from our characters. Then we decided to make the date of the camp be halloween since it is a week away and then since all of our characters deal with death we thought it would be appropriate that death is the end date of the camp itself. At the bottom of the poster we put that the camp was sponsored by the spooky sisters and then took the photo I had created for our radio show and used it for the poster and had a black backdrop with a white font to make it pop. Overall I believe the final product was pretty good and I hope people show up to this deadly camp.

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