Custom Shoes

Custom Shoes

This is a design assignment and it was worth 2 and a half stars. For this assignment I had the chance of customizing shoes and making them my own. I went onto my favorite shoe brand VANS and chose their high top shoe known as “SK8-HI.”  I started out with the pattern part of the shoe. I had options of either having it a solid color or choosing a pattern. I decided on a a dark floral pattern because my favorite color is purple and I knew that I could have the rest of the shoe work off of that pattern and the colors that are in it. I then went to the head of the shoe and made the base of it be black and so looking at it from the front it would seem like it was a simple black shoe. Then I made the trim a lavender purple color to be an accent for the shoe. The last thing that I did was have the leather trim that is in the center of the pattern black to have continuity. Overall I would actually love to buy these shoes and I think that they would be a fun pair to have and would stand out.

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