Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

This is a Video Assignment and it is worth 4 Stars. This assignment gave me the task of creating a letter for myself if I was given the opportunity. I started out by actually typing up the letter and reflecting on my life. It actually took longer than I thought to actually write the letter because where can one even begin to write to your younger self about life and how to get through the final years of high school. I just took a deep breath and typed what I would feel would be the most efficient advice. Once I finished writing the letter I went to YouTube and recorded myself reading the letter from there since I thought that it would be more authentic. If there was anything I could do to improve on this assignment it would have to be actually putting parts of my letter and adding it in text to the video as I’m reading it as if the words are flowing all around me. I know it would be a lot of software learning for me to do but I believe that would really make my letter come to life.

5 thoughts on “Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

  1. This is such an awesome assignment, Gabby! The editing ideas you have would be so cool if you pursued this project further!

  2. Dang girl you got deep there. It is obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into your letter and I liked that you just gave it to us without any fancy editing because it was the raw emotion that made this video worth while. I think adding the words around you would be pretty cool but you honestly don’t need them. Keep up the good work girl!

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