Emoji Mash Up


This was a mash up assignment and it was worth 3 and a half stars. This assignment was to match a friend with a facial expression that is similar and put them next to each other for comparison. I chose my good friend my host character the death whisperer since you can see she isn’t the one to smile at the camera. So I chose the emoji with no smile because her eyes are the only thing that have any expression in the photo so I thought it matched her perfectly. I found the emoji image on google images and then I took the images and put them through a collage maker on a website and above is the final product. I went through a few emojis before I came upon this one. The first one that I found was a purple evil emoji but even though that is her personality it doesn’t match her facial expression at all. I was trying to find another evil emoji but they all had a sinister emotion to them that didn’t go along with her expression at all. I hope people agree with this match!

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