Emotions through Sound

Emotions through sound

This is an audio assignment and its worth 3 and 1/2 stars. For this audio assignment I had to display emotions through sound. So to keep going on with my horror frenzy that I have been doing with my other audio assignments I thought I would keep going with it. I decided to use the site again for this assignment since it hasn’t let me down yet! I first went through and searched for evil laughter. I found three that I thought were different and would really bring a fear factor which is what I chose as my emotion fear. The first laughter sounded like one from Count Dracula and then I found the second one who sounded like a mad scientist. The last laughter that I found was of a witch with that signature laugh because it is close to halloween and I thought it would mesh in just fine with this audio. The last touch to this audio was putting in the screams of little girls. It made it seem like it came out of a children’s halloween story and they all ran away from the three evil laughs. If I could do anything to improve this I would add maybe some kind of audio that said “happy halloween” because I feel like that would have tied all the audio pieces together.

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