Favorite Actor Highlight Reel

This is a Video Assignment and its worth 4 stars. This assignment was to take your favorite actor or actress and take a minimum of 30 seconds of your favorite scenes. I chose Tyler Perry because not only does he act as 3 characters in his films/plays but he is also brings out the characters in such a strong way that I had to use him for this video assignment. I used my favorite character by him which is Madea. I went on Youtube and picked my four favorite films by him. I then used the 4k downloader and put the clips in the iMovie and from there trimmed it down to make the video under 2 min. I then added transition effects in between the films and put titles on the videos just in case people don’t know the movies. I had a lot of fun putting this together because it was fun to go back and look at fun parts of his films. If there was any improvement for this assignment it would have to be making the transitions better and maybe don’t cut the clips in odd spots. I think the hardest challenge was cutting them. I love the scenes and to cut it to only short moments was really hard. I hope you like it!

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