I am Gabby

This is a Video Assignment that is worth 4 and a half stars. This assignment involves making a video of yourself whether that be video clips or images of yourself and things that make up you as a person. In a sense to give your classmates a glimpse of who you are behind the screen since you don’t see each other in real life. I decided to go through all of my photos first and found some of my favorite and then put them all in iMovie. I then picked a modern theme to have the transitions be nice and clean cut in between photos. I decided to put a song in the background because I thought that it would seem just like a slideshow without the sound. I chose to use ABBA because if you haven’t realized I am in love with them and I think it just shows another part of me. After I did that I realized I felt like I was missing something so I used voice over again and talked about myself and my hobbies. I thought by talking about myself people wouldn’t have to guess what kind of a person I was and that the video would tell all that they need to know about me.

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