Instagram is Done..Describe your Lunch to me

For this Writing Assignment I am going to describe my favorite lunch that I have during the week. This is rated four stars!

For lunch I had a burrito bowl from Qdoba! I start out with the white rice that includes parsley and lime juice to add a little flavor to the bland rice and that is the basis for my bowl. With every bite of rice it is as if someone adds a spritz of lime into my mouth. Then I layer it with black beans for some good old protein. The beans juice add this dark color almost the same as black tea that gets soaked into the rice as well. I get some more protein by adding chicken that has been grilled with the outside layer having some charcoal flavor. It reminds of summer cooking on the grill.  I then add the mild cheese sauce. The sauce has green and red peppers and a hint of spice that makes you want to have it with every meal that you eat. I love the flavor of the cheese it seeps into the rice and it has a kick to it because I am not a big fan of too much spice. Then I add more to this flavor boat by getting the “fajitas.” The grilled veggies the highlight of my dish. The seasoning that have been soaked into my favorite vegetables are lightly glazed on top of the cheese. I add pico de gallo to give it a little traditional salsa flavoring. All of the colors warm my taste buds as I continue down the line to pile more onto my dish. Can you believe it? I’m not even done yet. I add shredded cheese because if you haven’t noticed by my description of the mild cheese sauce, cheese is a way of life for me. I then get lettuce just to pretend that all of this food is so healthy and by covering it up it will look like a “healthy salad.” I add the last two key ingredient to my lunch: sour cream and guacamole. This all put together is what makes me look forward to the day knowing that all my hard work will lead to this delicious lunch that I will never share with anyone else. The color of the dish when mixed together isn’t all that pretty mostly brown from the juices from the beans and the chicken.  When you take a bite the different flavors stick out and each bite has a different spice to make this the best meal of the day.

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