Mini Documentary

This is a Video Assignment worth 4 stars. This assignment had the opportunity to follow someone and to highlight their life. I put a twist to my documentary and used my host character The Death Whisperer as the main character to follow. The challenge of this is that she is no where to be scene. I liked having the idea that I was searching for the unknown and it was kind of a mystery factor added to it. I also added sounds from to add to the haunting of my host character. I had tried to go around the city to parks and cemetery but unfortunately they were closed so that would be one way of improving this assignment. I added my voice in to talk about my reason of the documentary and how by trying to “follow” her it was also bringing the fear of her following me. I also made the video black and white to add more to the haunting factor. I hope you enjoy it! I know that in the description of the assignment it talked about the quality but to give you a better reason of using my phone was to make it as if it was a ghost hunt in a sense!

3 thoughts on “Mini Documentary

  1. Although the video was very dark and hard to see where you actually were, your voice was very chilling, and actually gave me goosebumps while watching this. It would have been really awesome if you could have added her into a final scene, where she disappears, almost like a ghost or an apparition, but I know that that would be incredibly hard for any of us to accomplish!!! Great work though! I like how there was no background music. The silence added to the suspense.

  2. I kind of wish that you did a documentary on someone real just because its really cool to learn about people’s lives but this is really well done and sooooooooo creepy!

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