Monologue Of A Household Tool

This is my writing assignment based on the story from the Twilight Zone with The Dolls and tied it in with the household tool. This is worth 4 and a half stars.

I am the one you used to build your house. When we first came you and I were the best of friends you said without me there would be no place for you to sleep in. I was the one to divide and conquer. I was the unsung hero who helped you make a home for your future family. Now I stay down below in the basement only to be used when something has to be broken in half. You keep me in the darkness and only to hear the sound of the dripping pipes beneath your home. One night you turn on the single light bulb in a hurry race. You look frightened as if you had just seen a ghost. You are carrying a doll and you yell at it like it can actually speak to you. You then seem amused by it as the doll actually replies to you. You look right at me with the same admiration you did oh so long ago. I begin to feel anxious as fear strikes me. What if I can’t help you this time? What if this doll is going to be the end of me? I know I can break this doll if he ever chooses me to do it. I would help him get away with the murder. I know that the little girl loved that doll as I could hear her talking through the vents. Your wife won’t be pleased if she finds out about this maybe you should just give the doll back and pretend it didn’t happen. You bring power to me as I bring sparks to the eyes of my best friend. As talking Tina since he finally said her name gets closer to me I anticipate the separation of the body to her head. I gear up to do my duty and to make him proud. As we come into contact with one another I feel frustrated trying to break her with all of my might. Trying to end my best friends misery and then to my surprise nothing happens. She stays the same as if we never made contact and then he shut me down threw her away and left me in the darkness once again. Little did I know that after he came back to get her I would never see him ever again.

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