Movie Book Cover


This is a design assignment worth 3 stars. For this assignment the task was to make a book cover of a movie without using a photo of the actor or in my case it would be a character since it is animated. I chose one of my favorite childhood movies because I thought why not. I have always loved the movie Mulan and I think that it would actually be a great novel and would give young teen girls the inspiration to not fit the status quo and become something great. I started out by looking up a samurai sword since that was a key aspect of the movie. I then searched through the photos and found one with the pink jasmine flowers that added to a femininity and grace to having a female main character. The last thing on the book cover is the title itself that had the dragon under it. I used lunapic to merge the photos together by having the title faded and the edges faded out to leave it more mysterious.

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