My Destination Dream Vacation

When you have a dream there are so many possibilities of where you are going to end. My hope is that this dream comes true and I have the opportunity to travel all over India. I believe that this trip will one day become a reality because I have personal financials set aside for my personal use and I feel that if in my life I have the chance to do this trip I will take it. The trip would most likely last a month mainly because there is so many places to go. I mainly want to be there for the Holi festival in March so I would try to get to the country by the end of February. There are no vaccination requirements and I already have a passport from recently being out of the country. So all I would need to get is a a Visa just in case. My initial flight would be into New Delhi which is around $1,011 dollars leaving from D.C. and then I would work my way around backpacking through the villages and cities. Along the way I would try to visit the major mosques wherever I can. There are also river boats, man made bridges out of roots, riding an elephant, going to festivals, visiting villages, trying new dances, and historical train tracks are a few ideas I have so far of going to. I also want to take in the different types of food and beverages and just have a taste of their culture. I have had this dream since my freshman year of high school and I am determined without a doubt that this will become a future memory.

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