My DS106 Wallpaper

DS106 Wallpaper

This is a Design Assignment that is worth 4 and a 1/2 stars. For this is assignment I had to create my own DS106 Wallpaper! The process that I went through was I first realized that I didn’t want to use a photo I wanted to make something unique. I started out with downloading an app known as “Paint 2” onto my mac. I used to use paint all the time when I was really little so I was a little rusty when I got to use this platform. I came in with a vision of have a sea foam green color. That became the main background and then I wanted to used a magenta color as a gradient for the wallpaper. I thought that this was a complimentary colors and that they really worked together. As I stretched the gradient layer out I realized that was a better as the majority of the background and have the sea foam green as the border. Then I put the airbrush tool and I decided to make the color grey and used it all over the it to make it even. Then I felt that wasn’t enough so I added the shape of lightning and I put it in the sea foam green color to have it pop on the magenta color. I chose the lightning because when I think of digital storytelling I think that it sparks creativity. I put white color using the airbrush in each lightning to make sure that it wouldn’t get lost in the background. Then I used bold text for “DS106” in a dark grey to accent it and make it stick out. The last thing I did was I put a dark pink air brush onto the text and over the whole design to add another layer. What you see above is the final product! I hope you like it and tell me what you think!



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