My Spring Break Story Collage

Spring Break 2015

Over the course of spring break my two best friends from college who are now my roommates thought it would be fun to go to Orlando and go to Universal Studios and Sea World. We drove with my friends parents and stopped at “South of the Border” which is in South Carolina. This place was super cheesy and made no sense since it was Mexican theme in the middle of Carolina but it was fun and was worth a funny photo. It took us about 16 hours to get there. We had to go to a bunch of Walmart’s and Radio Shacks because of all of our electronics. We were going mad by the end of the drive because we just wanted to get to the Resort. By the time we got there we had little to no sleep and ended up having to get up super early to get to the park on time. We were so excited when we first got there to go on all of those rides. The highlight of the day was going to take a picture with spiderman. The next day after we had done two parks in one day we went to Sea World. That was such a hot day and we were waiting all day for one exhibit and that was to see the penguins. That was the last thing that we did and it was so worth it even though it was 30 degrees in the building. I loved this trip not only because it was warm weather after a harsh weather up here but the fact I got to spend it with my two best friends.

This was a Visual Assignment and was worth 3 stars!

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