Special Person Montage

This is a Video Assignment that is worth 5 stars. This video is to choose someone that is special to you and put clips or videos together to show what makes them so special to you. I decided my parents for this assignment. I went through all of the photos that I could of my dad and mom and ones that really represented them in the way that shows how much I love them. I then used iMovie to create the video by using the photo album effects and to make it really seem that the viewer was going through my family photos and to see how much they mean to me. I then added a simple sound in the background while I did voice over talking about them and how they have made me the person that I am today. If there was anything that I could have done to improve this assignment it would be to make it longer and try to find funny video clips of them to make it more memorable. I showed this to them and my dad made me put it on his Facebook and I think that was the most rewarding thing for me out of this week.

2 thoughts on “Special Person Montage

  1. Such a loving tribute to your parents. Being a parent, this is probably one of those things they’ll remember and cherish forever. What software did you use? Nice job!

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