The Death Whisperer

Listen to this while reading my introduction to my host character

Introducing: The Death Whisperer

I welcome you to the dark and dreary afterlife. I haunt you as you walk your last steps on Earth. I watch you as you talk to your friends on the street and see who haunts you in your sleep. I am the one who you hear howling in the wind and the screams that escape you in your dreams. You might never see me but I see you. I hear the cries of the innocent and the deaths of the guilty. As I trail this land and I whisper to all who will no longer be part of this world their fears are within me. You might wonder how I became the Death Whisperer. It is actually a daunting story as it was a cold brisk night in September. I had just got home from my friends sleepover. I had taken a short cut home, which meant I had to go through the woods behind the house. I had never done this is in the dark and I started to get lost. The trees were howling as if to warn me of the unknown. I got pushed down from something I can’t even describe and I was drowned in darkness. I felt as if I could scream and no one would hear me and I even tried to whisper. No one was there to save me, and no one ever found me and I became the Death Whisperer. My name will never be important because this life is who I am now but just know I will always be there to guide you through the haunting deaths that lay before me. So enjoy the ride I hope it brings you nightmares and then we can meet once again.


3 thoughts on “The Death Whisperer

  1. That is awesome! I love that you brought an audio clip into it. I wonder what it would sound like if you recorded yourself reading it over the creepy howling wind. Still, it’s an interesting juxtaposition as it is.

  2. This is great! The added audio clip added to the eeriness of the piece. As soon as the music started, I had chills the entire time while reading this.. I can’t wait to see what else the Death Whisperer brings.

  3. I really enjoyed how you posted a story along with an audio clip. It gave me a chance to imagine your voice and how the Death Whisperer sound in my own head.

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