The Love Story


The Story:

This is the love story of one that was never told. The man was at college becoming a chef at the Culinary Institute and dreamed of owning a catering business. The woman was just a second year college student not knowing what she wanted to be in the future. Never would they imagine that they would soon find each other and be married for now 37 years. She was home from college and needed a job so she applied to work at a country club. Desperate to get the job she put random skills on her resume hoping that she could get some kind of job so she could have a little cash before returning to college. She had a great life being in a big sorority and had a boyfriend who was on the track of becoming a doctor. Life was all falling into place until she got the job to be a preparation chef. She had no idea how to make anything that they asked her to do but was in fear that she would lose her job. The man worked at the country club as a chef and noticed this woman he had never seen before. She was something else. She was flustered and frustrated with the items he and his colleague had asked her to prepare. Seeing that she might lose her job he did her job for her. Making the meals he would finish and then would go over to her station and finish it before her boss would even notice. She took notice in what he did and that is where their relationship began. They began to get to know each other and when the summer ended their romance did not. She went back to school and so did he. She ended the relationship with the future doctor and began to go out with the future chef. Their schools were not in the same state and him being older and having his own car would come down from New York to Virginia as much as he could to see her. Later that year he graduated and within the 9 months of being together he proposed. At first she said, “no.” He had never asked her father for her hand in marriage and he tried to propose to her in the parking lot of a bar. He tried again even with her father not fully approving and this time she said, “Yes.” She had only been 19. He had been 25. Her father tried to pay her off and get her to walk out on her wedding day. The love that she had for him wasn’t worth the price her father had offered. It was worth so much more. She moved down to the city with him and transfer schools. Her father had cut her off of money so she had to make ends meet. They now own a successful catering business and have two kids. One is their own who is 32 and has Cerebral Palsy named Brandon and they adopted a daughter who is 20 and her name is Gabrielle. The man’s name is Gordon and the woman’s name is Ann and this is the love story of my parents.

The Process:

This love story was one that was a real story from my personal life so it wasn’t that difficult to relay it in a blog post. I first started out by choosing if I wanted to make up my own story or do one that I could really put myself into it. I then started to look up couple photos and from doing so I came to a conclusion that none of them really grabbed my attention. I then remembered the photos I had taken out of my parents wedding album and how I made a anniversary post for them. I took that collage and knew that would make the perfect scenario for this assignment. I knew that by having all of the photos in a collage it would show their love in different situations of the biggest day of their lives. I believe that by putting something that is some importance to your life it becomes more effective. It makes one want to put forth more effort and to make sure that their vision is followed through in the story. You put more expectations on yourself to give a story that will be lasting in the mind of every viewer. I think that the story was very romantic however, I believe that by having dialogue or put their actual names would have made it more effective. My original thought process was to keep their names a mystery so they didn’t see my connection. I feel that by revealing the origin of the story made it not only credible but it made it more romantic and heartfelt for the audience.

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