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Video Analysis

This video analysis was very enlightening. I am currently in intro to cinema studies so when it came to this assignment it wasn’t very unfamiliar to analyze a scene in a way that it wasn’t critiquing the film itself but the director in which each intricate part was put together. It took me a while to figure out which film I wanted to use but I remembered how much I enjoyed watching The Bride of Frankenstein and I thought talking about it would be enjoyable especially the scene that I chose. I went with the reveal of the bride and the beautification that was portrayed in this scene of a monster. I also talked about Robert’s theory of the center, positive, and negative that is seen in each scene and how it shows a dominance or one that has more importance than the other in the film. I also discussed the videos and how in this film it isn’t about the dialogue in particular that drive this scene but the actions. I thought that it was a challenge to put good feedback in a short clip so if I had anything to improve on this analysis it would be to have a larger scene so I could discuss into more detail. I would also try to get better at working iMovie which this was the first time using it so it was kind of a trial an error process for me. Overall I think that it went well and I hope you enjoy my analysis.

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