The Girl in the Woods


As she takes in the darkness she wanders the streets. She doesn’t know how she ended up there or how long she has been walking. All she knows is that she can’t stop. No, she always walks in the shadows and lingers in the woods. The darkness is her security until she will one day become the shadow. The one you feel walking behind you. The one that will be outside your window. Waiting…waiting….waiting. Until one day you come outside to get a something and there she is approaching you. You run and run and no matter how fast you go she is quick as the wind. You will sooner than you want to have a life altering instance in a battle between the shadows. As you fight you never know whats going to be hiding in the darkness.


I had a lot of fun taking photos and trying to create this paranormal image. Originally I had taken Janelle who is seen in this picture and my roommate Bridget on an adventure at 11:30 at night to find a corrections facility to take my paranormal picture to the place we had once stumbled upon last semester. Come to our surprise it is no where to be found in the database. It was as if it never existed….all we found was the city jail and a street only known as “666”

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