Marley’s Lake

May 15, 1999

I was 8 years old and loving life. All I needed was my toys and my best friend Sally. Sally and I were the best of friends we did everything together. Our families lived on a lake and we would always play together afterschool and share our toys. Today my dad came back from a trip and surprised me by getting me a hand made doll just for me! She had blue eyes that reminded me of the lake, brown hair just like me, and a pretty purple dress, which was my favorite color. I was so excited that I took the doll with me to school and I named her Hayley. She never left my side all day in school.

I skipped all the way home with my doll happy that I could show it to Sally. I got to the edge of the dock and there was Sally. She already had all of her toys out ready to play and I saw when she looked up her eyes were on Hayley. She smiled and said, “Hey Marley you got a new doll! Can I play with it?” I looked at her with shock. This was my special doll and there was no way I was going to let her have it. So I smiled and said, “No. You can’t because my dad got it made just for me.” Sally looked hurt and upset but I didn’t care. This was my doll and it was the first time I didn’t share. Sally then said, “We always share Marley no matter what.” She began to walk closer to me reaching her hand out to the doll she said sweetly, “Let me see the doll Marley.” I shook my head and kept walking backwards until I reached the end of the dock. It all happened so fast as the air was knocked out of me and water caved into my lungs. I kept reaching for a hand as my vision became blurry but all I saw was Sally smiling as she held my doll. Then there was darkness and no more Marley.


May 15, 2003

I feel funny. Everything is so dark. Maybe I am dreaming. I move and I feel stiff almost like I am plastic. Light I see light. I look around and I’m in a room. How did I get here? I can hear something….is that Sally’s voice? It is Sally and she looks older now. I begin to take in my appearance and realize what I have become. I am Hayley my favorite doll. So my dream was my reality I am dead and I am now in the room of my killer also known as my ex best friend. Anger swept through me as I began to plot my revenge. It hit me like lightning. She had no idea what she was in for.


June 30, 2003 (Sally’s point of view)

Drip, Drip, Drip. That’s all I can hear in my room where is that noise coming from? I get out of bed and into my bathroom and the sink is on but the water isn’t clear it’s dark like lake water. Then I hear a door close. “Whose there?” I said. All I hear is laughter. Dark laughter one that led to chills running down my spine. The walls begin to leak the same water and I begin to scream trying to open the door but there was no such luck. The whole room was filling with this water I heard a gurgling noise coming from the sink. I walked over slowly and emerged was the doll, Marley’s doll. My blood ran cold as I saw the dolls appearance. It was the outfit of Marley the same day I pushed her into the lake. I shuddered as I recalled that day. The doll begins to move as if it was alive as the bathroom begins to fill higher and higher. I begin to reach for the bathtub to grab anything to defend myself. The doll begins to speak, “Sally” she says in a singsong tone, “You wanna play? You can share me now.” Things around me started to shake and I begin to float as the water rises. I am holding my breath as I see the doll form into something else. “Marley?”, I said, “I’m so sorry I took your doll. Please don’t do this.” Marley smiles and says, “You said you wanted to share and now we share death.” Everything goes black and all I hear is, “Hayley was only meant for me and now you pay the price. “

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  1. Yeah, dolls can be creepy.

    You might want to experiment with you WordPress theme a little bit. The typography is nice, and the background image has an interesting quality, but when the two come together it makes it difficult to read. This is partly because the type doesn’t have enough contrast with the darker parts of the background, and partly because the image distracts from the lettering. I’m sure there’s a way to find some balance between the two. That being said, I appreciate the effort you put into it.

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