DS106 Advice

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My approach for giving advice for the future students was to create a YouTube video a diary if you will of all that I have learned and how to approach this class! I hope that what I said in the video will shed some light on what is in store for them for this class […]

TDC ideas!

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Here are two screen shots of my future daily create ideas! I hope that at least one of them will eventually show up for the future digital storytelling classes. The first is dealing with your weakness when it comes to food. The task is to take a picture of the food and create a love […]

Final Project Progress 1

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So here it goes! This is our idea for the final project! I am working with my Radio buddies, Ashley and Brittney. We had a meeting this week trying to come up with ideas. We realized that trying to mesh all of our host characters was going to be with some difficulty. We started to […]


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Over the course of this week I took the time to take photos of things that I usually see everyday. Color This is a painting that I see everyday in my apartment and it is my absolute favorite. The boardwalk itself is in a yellow tan color that has a perfect contrast to the different […]

Planet of the Vampires

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Planet of the Vampires directed by Mario Bava was peculiar in the way he designed the planet to be displayed. The way that the setting of the planet that they landed on had a unique layout. Bava would do close shots of the fog which in turn represented the parasites as they had taken over […]