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Daily Creates of the Week!

I thought that I would put them all in one post to make it a ton easier!

The first one that I did was taking a picture of something upside down and I chose to do my friends cat Nana! I thought first of all cats are so cute and in a basket is a total winner! I found the picture in my photos from the summer and I remember thinking it was so cute that she slept in the basket and it still does look adorable upside down.

The next one that I did was about the time change that is coming up soon. I decided for this create I would go outside and take a photo of the changing of leaves. It was also later in the evening and usually in the summer it would be semi dark like it is now and it indicates that the time is changing as it is getting dark outside at an earlier time.

The last Daily Create that I did this week was to take a picture of what was going on outside of your window. I soon discovered that my window was completely fogged out from the weather that we are having this week so this is the best that I could do!



One thought on “Daily Creates of the Week!

  1. Enjoyed the pictures, especially the upside down cat! Today was too dreary for me, so I used a picture from Christmas to brighten up the day.

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