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Daily Creates Week 8

As I did last week I thought that by putting all of the daily creates in one post would make it a ton easier for everyone to view!

On Tuesday, I had to use a word from one of my favorite poem or saying and from there create a new poem. I came up with this which is seen below! I took the word “end” from a saying that says, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” I took this positive saying and made a very heavy poem about the end and how it is not only abrupt but it truly is life changing.

On Wednesday, I had the daily create of a video of a bad habit. Mine is my room always being messy. It’s not a good habit but I always know where everything is!

On Thursday, I had to tweet what my luckiest day would be and for me it would have to be me surrounded by puppies and having a shopping spree! I mean who doesn’t love dogs and shopping! It is like the perfect vacation!


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