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Daily Creates!

For this daily create we had to make a missing persons poster. I decided to go with an old fashion myth known as the lochness monster. Everyone knows the legend and I thought that its a missing poster that you would never suspect because no one really has video proof of its existence. I started out with the idea and then went on a site that is used primarily for wanted posters. I edited to say missing because the style of the poster was very old fashioned and I thought that it would go well with the time period when the rumors of the lochness monster came to light in the first place.

For this daily create we had to make a tongue twister. I chose the main word to be whispering since my host character is the death whisperer. I then went along with the haunting theme and came up with this little tongue twister. I have to say that putting it together was a little tricky and to say it out loud was a challenge but overall it was fun to do.

4 thoughts on “Daily Creates!

  1. Agreement on only $1,000,000, though I will add that at the time the wanted poster is from, $1,000,000 was many times that sum in today’s dollars. I like that for the tongue twister you kept it short. Many tongue twisters I have seen tried to be too long, and ultimately diluted the stumbling-point:word ratio.

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