Daily Create

The Big Leap

This is my Short Story for The Daily Create Based on the short story “The Ocean at the end of the Lane.” My story is called The Big Leap

“I can do this.” I whispered this to myself as I stood at the edge of the dock. When you tell your friends that you can jump off into the deep abyss you should also warn them you aren’t able to swim. I take a deep breath and I jump in as I feel the waves crash against my body left and right. I feel my legs begin to sting as if they are encompassed in jellyfish. I begin to sink and everything above the water begins to fade. I am in my own little world and nothing around me exists. I tell myself to move but my body isn’t able to I become frozen. All the sudden I hear a scream from above. It sounds so distant as if it isn’t human. The water begins to settle and then there is a crash. I feel something grab me and pull me out of the darkness. I am pulled out of the deep abyss and onto shore. I hear my mother yelling at me “I told you not to go into the pool without your water wings.” “That is it you are going to take swimming lessons next week!” I learned that day that the next ocean I face I would stay afloat.


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