Daily Create

The Daily Creates

The first daily create I did this week was to make art out of sidewalk that was cracked up. I took the image that was already online and then used paint to create this sea image. It was fun to do because there was so many possibilities to what you wanted to do with it but since I’m from Virginia Beach I thought I would represent the sea as that is what I live by.

The second daily create I did for the week was to take a selfie with a filter that I haven’t used before. I chose the filter known as process since it represented the stage I was in at the moment as I was going into creating all the videos for this week.

The last daily create for me this week was to create a six line poem that represented myself in a way. I went at the angle that showed all sides of me and that even with the good and bad it balances out and it truly makes up of who I am. We all make mistakes and have these qualities at one point in time in our lives so I thought that this poem spoke on more levels and showed that we all can relate to this at one point.

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