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The Daily Creates

Unfortunately homecoming week got to the best of me so I only got to do two daily creates this week! The first one that I did was my happy place!

My dog went blind my senior year and ever since he has forgotten what time it is and doesn’t care and next thing you know he made a schedule of his own getting up at 4 in the morning to go out. We had tried so hard to change the schedule but no such luck. He is my happy place because no matter how bad life gets he is always there to cheer me up and make my happy. So getting up early in the morning for Fritz is so worth it.

The next daily create that I did was the one for today where we had to remove a piece from an image.

I decided for my painting to do the last supper! I used lunapic.com and took out the table and blurred it to make a point that they can’t enjoy the last meal without a meal and table in the image in the first place. I started by using the magic wand effect and cropping and blending the image itself. This made the image seem a little blurred but it did the purpose that it is no longer there.



2 thoughts on “The Daily Creates

  1. I sad to hear that your dog is blind and wakes you up at 4am. But he is the cutest dog. Thanks for sharing photo.

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