The Dolls

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The idea of having a childhood toy that looks so sweet and innocent turn into a monstrosity coming after you with with intent on harming you is what makes these stories scary. The thought that these are suppose to be objects that bring joy to someone only cause terror and destruction toward the characters that […]

Weekly Summary

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First week down! This first week has been a total whirlwind experience for me.  I have never taken an online class so becoming adjusted to make my own schedule for this class was a whole new adjustment. I also had no idea what genre was going to be thrown at us so having it coming […]

Marley’s Lake

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May 15, 1999 I was 8 years old and loving life. All I needed was my toys and my best friend Sally. Sally and I were the best of friends we did everything together. Our families lived on a lake and we would always play together afterschool and share our toys. Today my dad came […]