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Creepy Chronicles Poster


This is the image that I chose to represent the Creepy Chronicle which is the title of the Radio Show that I am doing with Britney and Ashley next week! When I thought of the title of our show I instantly thought of dolls and because its October I thought having witches would be perfect for the image. I looked up creepy dolls and this was one of the images I found. It was originally color so I put it in the photo editor and made it black and white. That wasn’t enough so there were different types of black and white so I decided to make use the darken effect to give the faces a more haunting element to it. This also seemed like an appropriate picture since it is three girls who are putting together this radio show. The next thing that I did was putting in the text. I tried to use the same app that I used to darken the photo but it didn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to be since the image itself was already small to begin with. I then decided to use a different source and used to add the text. I chose white for the font to stick out from all the darkness and to also make the image to have an overall authenticity to it. If there was anything that I could do to the image I thing it would be to have a red eye effect on all the dolls to really pop on the image.


4 thoughts on “Creepy Chronicles Poster

  1. If you were going for creepy, you definitely achieved that! When I was reading your post, I had to scroll down the page, so it would hide the photo! You’re right, if you added the red eyes, that would be even more horrific!

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