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Horrible Hosts / Corpus Metus Radio Show!

So on Monday I had the pleasure of hearing our class first two radio shows of the week! It started out with the Horrible Hosts and their review on horror films. I enjoyed the way that each host character not only reviewed films that they had seen but they took the time to layout what makes a movie actually scary. Not only were the reviews very unique and creative but the spaces in between each host character had a catchy tune that made it even more professional. One of the hosts had talked about children of the corn and through twitter me and the host character talked about the movies that she picked and that was really exciting. I also enjoyed when it came to the radio shows that we can discuss as a class about it and talk to the people who created it and ask them questions and give them feedback. I also have been looking forward to the review by Spooksy and his review exceeded my expectations. It was not only imaginative but original and raised the bar of how much one should put into a host character. He had given the host a signature voice and personality that could be picked out instantly. Overall the first radio show was very well collaborated and was a great way to start the week off! The second radio show of the night, Corpus Metus brought us some very frightening stories about dolls by having an interview with a psychiatrist. It was very inventive to have a conversation and make it seem like the psychiatrist is trying to evaluate this little girl who was being in a way completely controlled by her antique doll named Emma. It disturbed me that doll had been tormenting the girl by harming the girl physically and emotionally. The scratches of the arm was a cringing moment for me in the radio show. She sounded so innocent yet demented at the same time. The next story was about a man who walked into a house after following a kid when his car broke down in the middle of nowhere. The overall story was interesting because I knew that in the end that he was going to be fine because he was the one talking to the host over the radio but I just thought it was a short story and it did it’s purpose. His voice was very deep and amusing and that he really did think he was going to die and I could tell the emotions in his voice. I think if I could say one thing to this part of the radio show I think more sound effects in the background would have heighten the stories to a different level.

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