Radio Show

Radio Show Progress Week 2

Wow I can’t believe that it is already the second week into the radio show and everything is coming together! This week has gone by so quickly mainly because of fall break so it was like hitting the ground running when it came to putting this radio show together. We had already met up the week before and made an outline of what we were going to put together so it was up to us to create the final product. I had to create my story into an audio version and create a commercial. So I started out with my story and I first went with reading it off and then I went to and added the sound effects that really brought the story all together. I then went through the story and changed the pitches because it was meant to be a story from a child and a young teen. It overall took me a good hour and a half to get the story to the place where I thought it was radio show material. I then began to work on the commercial I had a bunch of ideas but because it is October and Halloween is coming up I thought I would do a boogey man commercial since we are the Spooky Sisters! That also had the sounds from the site that I usually go to and I thought that it really captured the creepy idea I was going for and it would give kids a thing to keep the light on at night. My last two contributions to the radio show were my spooky dialogue that I made last week because it is a way to introduce my host character and it really flows with the show and my bumper from the beginning of the semester. This week we got together and made sure we were all on the same page and we also put ourselves in their audio if needed. Overall this was a blast to do! I got an opportunity to hang out with friends and to have a few horror stories to share with one another! I hope you all enjoy our Radio Show!

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