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Radio Show Progress

This is the first week of working on the Radio Show and I can feel the pressure and I am so excited for it to all come together! We started out by putting together a google document and from there we put all of our ideas, posters, and thoughts to see what direction we wanted to go with this Radio Show. We started out by dividing out the minutes which came out to approximately 6 min. each for the radio show and then 2 min for commercials and bumpers in between our segments. We then all came up with our own ideas and for mine I decided for the majority of mine I am going to make my original horror story from the beginning to become an audio story and to add effects to it. I then decided to use the bumper that I have already created because it already has a haunting factor to it and it will bring a cohesive continuity to all of our different parts of the show. We then met today and talked about finalizing our outline which I will also copy in this post so everyone will see what my other partners are doing for their part. So this week for us was to get a final decision of how the radio show was going to play out and to know what each one of us was doing so no one would overlap each other. We also made a choice that if each others voices were needed in our sections that would also be arranged. I will most likely use their voices in my story to just see how it would make a different view on my story and how the dialogue would turn out. I will most likely use audacity for my audio because it has been the most user friendly and I can use those effects to my advantage for my story! So that is what we have so far!



Ashley ideas:

Sweeney Todd 6 minutes

Commercial: Netflix horror movies



Brittany idea:

Commercial Idea: Bloody Fingers Band-Aid commercial

Bumper Idea: Use previously made bumper

Show Section Idea: Campfire Story


Gabby idea:

Show Section Idea: Marley’s Lake

Commercial Idea: UMW Haunted House promo

Bumper Idea: Use my previously made bumper


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