TDC ideas!

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Here are two screen shots of my future daily create ideas! I hope that at least one of them will eventually show up for the future digital storytelling classes. The first is dealing with your weakness when it comes to food. The task is to take a picture of the food and create a love […]

Final Project Progress 1

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So here it goes! This is our idea for the final project! I am working with my Radio buddies, Ashley and Brittney. We had a meeting this week trying to come up with ideas. We realized that trying to mesh all of our host characters was going to be with some difficulty. We started to […]

Weekly Summary Week 12

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Mashup and Remix Assignments: Spooky Montage This Doesn’t Belong Here Emoji Mash up Remixes Daily Creates   Commenting:    

Daily Creates!

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We had to do two daily creates for this week! Bridge over troubled water #tdc1402 @ds106dc I would not cross this bridge. — Gabby Christie (@christie_gabby) November 10, 2015 The first daily create that I did this week was a tribute to the anniversary of bridge over trouble water. I went onto google images […]

Spooky Montage

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This was a mash up assignment and it was worth 4 stars. This assignment was to put at least 3 assignments that you have done from the past and put them together into one cohesive final product. I started out with this assignment by going back through all of my audio I have created and […]