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Dear Sixteen Year Old Me Tutorial

I thought that since this was one of my favorite assignments of the class that I would give a run down of how I approached this assignment!

Step one: Open up a word document. When you are writing a letter to yourself in the past there is no way that you can come up with that off the top of your head so the best thing to do is to type it out or write it down. Keep in mind that when you are writing this down you are eventually going to be recording yourself reading it so you might want to read over it once or twice to make sure everything you want to say makes sense.

Step two: Use either your movie maker or even record on Youtube you reading the letter. My best advice to you is to have the letter up on the screen while you are recording so the video won’t be of you looking down and reading it.

Step three: Recording the video. The best way to record this video is to be as authentic as possible. There doesn’t need to be fluff and crazy music to add in the background but if that’s what you want for your video that is totally up to you. I think that by having you reading it out loud to yourself actually makes the assignment stronger. It allows the audience also known as your classmates to get a better glimpse into you and who you were in your past.

Step four: Upload the video. If you are recording it live on Youtube then you life will be a whole ton easier since the work is pretty much done for you. If not then I suggest you share it to YouTube or whatever video site that you use the most.

Step five: Last but not least create a post about the video. It is one thing to write a letter and to record yourself reading it but in the post reflect on everything that you did. How you got to that final video and the process it took to make the final product!

Final Product

I hope this helps you out and good luck!


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