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Over the course of this week I took the time to take photos of things that I usually see everyday.



This is a painting that I see everyday in my apartment and it is my absolute favorite. The boardwalk itself is in a yellow tan color that has a perfect contrast to the different blues from the water. It makes the pier seem never ending into the water of paradise. There is also no one on it so makes it seem like it is more of a dream than reality. The design on the photo is effective in the sense of color because each element (the water and the dock) are enhanced to the highest extent to allow the viewer to be drawn in by its beauty.



I drive by this church everyday before school and I just was in awe of how beautiful the stain glass was. It took me a while to realize what it was because when you drive by it just looks like a bunch of colors. I realized by using the black and white setting on my camera I figured out that it was Jesus praying and that he was on his knees. The message in this is the idea of prayer. It was effective by making him in the center on the knees and then having holy objects in the corner but having prayer at the center of attention. This is similar to faith and how prayer is the center of your faith which makes this design so effective. It draws you to him and buy having him take up the middle mirror it draws you to him since he is the center of focus.



This design of the cross is very minimal. There is only the simple flowers that are surrounding the cross and then the metal that is covering the cross itself. There wasn’t a bunch of cloth, nails, sayings, and it wasn’t large it was very simple but very effective with how much meaning it has in the eyes of the church. It wasn’t a large cross but it was big enough that there could have been more added to it. This design represents how it isn’t supposed to be seen as such a huge thing in life that it is out of this world. It is part of this world and can be part of a daily basis as seen in the image.



This last design I chose this jar that has the balance of the two different colors of blues. As it is also seen on the wall you can see that one color doesn’t overpower the other. Instead the two colors work together in harmony and make the jar itself pretty and doesn’t need anything to add to it. The jar is art itself because of how the artist made the jar and lightened the dark color out at the bottom as if it was an original and the end project was ombre.

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