Thoughts and Ideas

DS106Radio Brainstorm

I thought for a while about what I would do when it comes to doing a Radio Show. I think I would start out and have us narrate a scary story using our host characters and that we could try having them introducing it and then getting into character. Maybe only one host character does it and then we could have 3 or 4 different characters telling a ghost story, going through a haunted house, lost in the woods, playing a prank and it goes wrong, or one that we can think would get the most scare. In the background of the audio we could use creaking sounds, howling winds, screams, any unusual sound that would give a better atmosphere for the story. I think that we could also try having our voices in different pitches so people will have no clue who it is and it will make the characters identity stronger. Lastly I think we could even have sound effects of the actions that the characters our doing that would make it more realistic. These are a few ideas that I have come up with and just comment below when it comes time to do the Radio Show and we can think of a really horrific idea!

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