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Final Project Progress 1

So here it goes! This is our idea for the final project! I am working with my Radio buddies, Ashley and Brittney. We had a meeting this week trying to come up with ideas. We realized that trying to mesh all of our host characters was going to be with some difficulty. We started to try to find a common ground with all of our characters. We decided to use the insane asylum as our main location for our story. We are going to have brittney’s and ashley characters be patients of the asylum but the twist is that brittney’s character believes that she works there. The death whisperer who is my character is lingering over the asylum as murder occurs within the asylum. We follow the story with the journal entries that will be recorded by ashley while I will make the audio in the background for the entries. The story itself is in an outline mode and we are working on forming more twists and turns as we wrangle this task of this final project. We have decided to use the four elements: audio, video, visual, and writing. Writing will come in by Ashley creating the journal entries. The audio will be all three of us vocalizing our characters and how the story unfolds of this mysterious asylum. We will have a detective board to figure out who is killing all of these patients. There will be a word cloud used in the beginning to describe what the asylum is like and clues to hint what is to come. There will be a wanted poster for the “killer” or accused killer of the murders. There will be a storytelling timeline where I will use an online software that I have used in a previous course to relay the events in a chronological order that will include pictures. Then comes in the video. All of this will be put together in to a large video that will be a documentary of the asylum. The end of the video will have glitch art to give it it’s haunting aura. This is all that we have so far. In the next week there will be more visual and audio assignments added but this is the framework for what we are doing for this final project! I can’t wait to read what everyone else has in store and if anyone has any suggestions, comment below.

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