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In Respects to Horror Stories

For my two stories I chose for this response I really got into “The Lottery” and “Last Respects.” In respects to the comic “Last Respects” the author used the technique of revenge as the basis of the story. Using a love affair that was rejected by the family member in the end using death served by poison wasn’t the least horrific part of the comic. It was the aftermath that took its toll on this sad romance story. The author used the main characters sad love story to allow the audience to have sympathy and to believe there was justice in the revenge killing of the uncle. When it came to the “Tales of Hook” and Stephen King talking about thinking outside of the box this story had used the idea that he ate his true loves corpse in order to survive. One would have thought that the ghost would come back or that he would just die in there with her as if it was Romeo and Juliet. That was the real twist of this story. That they both died from poison in different ways. This story was more on the revulsion spectrum in the gory aftershock of finding him with only the bones of his lover since he ate everything else of her in order to live. The second story that I read was “The Lottery.” The author used the technique of a background story. She gave the village a sense of unity and made the whole idea of the lottery sound like a good old fun tradition that brought the community together. She then used children in her story to make it sound light hearted and innocent. She also used the technique of the element of surprise never really giving us of a real sense of what the lottery was all about. In connection to the “Tales of Hook” and being outside of the box I really think this story did just that. The stoning of the person who won the lottery and to include the children so that it would be passed on for future generations even with it modifications over time. That was all something that you wouldn’t put under a typical terror story. It goes under terror because of the shock that was brought to the audience as the village brought brutality to one of their members.

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