Thoughts and Ideas

“Last Laugh”

If I had to choose any pages of the story it would have to be the last page because so much is revealed and there could have been so many sounds. The first would be the kid running to his mother and you could have him yelling and the sound of him running. Then there would be a sound of car screeching and it hit him. Then there would be a split silence to add effect. I would add a cry of agony as her son has died right in front of her. I would put the sound of the water sloshing and the son sounding as if he can’t breathe as he drowns. Then I would have a sound of keys clashing to signal the doctor revealing the fact that his family died because of Ernie. The sound of the machine turning on and most importantly the sound of the laugh coming from Ernie. I think by having all of these sounds would allow the horror to become more devastating. I didn’t see the ending coming at all but I think by adding sounds it would really move the story more especially in the beginning when he was just waiting in the office. I think by also having the sounds it would give a better feel of where the story was setting wise like in a doctors office you would hear boring elevator type music. At the train tracks you would hear the trains and the kids playing around. These type of examples would give the story more of an edge to it and give an lasting impression on the story itself.

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