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Planet of the Vampires

Planet of the Vampires directed by Mario Bava was peculiar in the way he designed the planet to be displayed. The way that the setting of the planet that they landed on had a unique layout. Bava would do close shots of the fog which in turn represented the parasites as they had taken over both ships causing the passengers to fight each other to the death. One by one they were taken out and the “survivors” would bury them. The setting also had a different layers of terrain making it seem inhabited and would make it seem like a journey to venture out into the unknown planet. Then there was the design of the space ships themselves. The way Bava would have a full shot of the inside of the ship and would follow the passengers through the ship into the quarters showing every piece leaving no room for the imagination. In the lighting there were the lights coming off of the ship and the buttons were lighted to have authenticity. There was an array of colors as you came off of the ship and onto the planet with a blood orange tint that was faded out with all of the smoke. The sound design had used hallowing winds to make it seem that this planet was abandoned and that they were all alone. As the film progressed the sounds became heightened when there were discoveries of other life forms that once lived and when they would fight the “vampires.” The editing of the film itself had used a lot of zooming in on the characters to show their facial expressions and would track along the planet to get a full view of what the characters were seeing. The light design also had a factor in the weapons of choice that were similar to blow torches but in a sci-fi sense. The sounds of the machines heard in the other creatures ship also made an effect on the fear that the crashed crew had when it came to this planet. All of this combined made the design process fascinating. I would feel confused as the camera would pan through the planet, making it seem that I also had no idea what was out there. It gave a sense of mystery and a shock when in the end no one truly survived but the parasites as they move forward to establish elsewhere on a planet known as Earth.

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