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Slender man haunting the web

In response to the two articles on storytelling and the forming of slender man come with a question in mind. How does it all come together on streaming web? Whether it is a fictional character that has become a new adaptation or a short story that is posted within a tweet it seems that this has become a new digitalized age where it is not all on pen and paper. There is a new stream of creativity not one that is exactly made from thin air, but is seen from ideas and thoughts already formed by others. The article on Slender man and how it was formed together not only allowed a window where people could make there own type of fictional character but the stories that came along with it. It was no longer about the character itself but the myths and legends it formed. When the creator of Slender man came up with it allowed others to use it as the main horror villain of their story adding another haunting element that might have been missing. It became a missing puzzle piece for many stories and now a video game. I think that when blogs were formed that is when storytelling became a part of the web. Now with the different types of media sites and outlets its a different way to express or create their stories. I believe that it isn’t necessarily a new medium, I think it is just an updated version of putting out a traditional story. When it comes to digital storytelling its a way to allow one to reach outside of its limits. The possibilities are endless. There are so many different ways to creating a story that doesn’t have to be all in one paper. One can create a series of videos or blog post allowing it to be a series. Drawings and photo editing can create a visual effect for the reader to have a better understanding of the story and what the authors vision was. I think by making it digital it brings the story to life and gives it a way to become larger than what it would be in a book.

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