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Taking in a new type of lens

When I was a kid I always hated being part of photos. It was such a hassle to have the perfect photo because mom wanted the best one for the christmas card. I was never one to take many photos and I didn’t really think about it because I was always living in the moment not capturing it. I have always had this mentality that by standing behind a lens I am taking away from the time that I should be enjoying what I am doing. Now with this weeks assignment I have been put to the test to my little to no experience . In regards to the video on visual literacy it has come to my attention that is more thought when it comes to taking a photo. It deals with the timing, what angle will relay the strongest message, and what are you trying to convey with the photo. It is one that needs to be addressed and should be shown to all. If I had to say that there was any experience with photography it would be with weddings at my parents catering company. I would take photos of the decorations and the place settings which were later put on the site in collages. When I take a photo I try to capture the moment that is going to be seen by the future Mr. and Mrs. I would try to focus on the angles that wouldn’t be normally seen by photographers. At first it was just to take them for the site but as time passed I took my time in trying to get a good visual message. I think that they are pretty successful since people want to use those decorations for their weddings when they come in for consultations. Based on the information that was given I would like to try using different tones. I think with having a tone change it could make a defining effect on the image. I also want to take my time and try to work at different angles. I think that by taking an image in different viewpoints will give someone a different perspective. Lastly to take my time. Not to take a photo just because but to have a purpose for taking the photo.

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