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The Dolls

The idea of having a childhood toy that looks so sweet and innocent turn into a monstrosity coming after you with with intent on harming you is what makes these stories scary. The thought that these are suppose to be objects that bring joy to someone only cause terror and destruction toward the characters that is also scary. I think what makes these stories effective is not only the sound effects which heighten the suspense but the fact that the dolls don’t look pleasant. In one of the stories you see a tribal figurine that went into attack mode because of its lost beads. It wasn’t meant to be pleasant looking but it was overlooked to the point that you wouldn’t expect it to actually come to life. What also makes them effective is that in each of the situations there was a hint of denial from at least one character. This made it seem that the idea was unreal or impossible and that would be their mind set until it was too late. I think also by having the barrier of a child or a woman which is seen in the Twilight Zone it allowed the doll to clench onto them. This made it seem that the father was losing his mind. What doesn’t work is the idea that there wasn’t a way to actually destroy the doll besides the story from the Night Gallery. Also there isn’t much motive with the exception of the Night Gallery of why the dolls attacked the owners in the first place.

When it comes to phobias my favorite has to be Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns. I think this is because this is very valid to my life. I have a very unsettling fear of clowns and I just can’t shake it off.



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