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The Effect of Audio Storytelling

When I was a kid I always loved story time. It was a time where I could choose any of my favorite stories from a large book and my mom would act it out. She would do different voices and sound effects and would bring it to life. That is what audio storytelling reminded me of. It was brining what you couldn’t see to become something larger within your imagination. The audio is what brings a story to life. It creates an atmosphere that gives the listener an idea of what the setting, events, and actions that will occur. An example would be Hitchcock Psycho he would use a high pitch audio that would indicate that there was a murder. In the Twilight Zone with Talking Tina without having the audio of the doll we would have never known that she was  a killer doll. Audio not only gives another layer to a character but it also shapes their identity. In the ds106 radio on Wednesday there was two different stories of suspense that both used extensive audio. One more than the other. The first one dealt with an extraterrestrial in Antartica and by using the sound effects of wind, screams, gun, blow torch, monsters it allowed their to be flow in between the character dialogue. That is what audio does. It allows a fluidity between the dialogue and the story that is being portrayed. In the story where the machines takes over there is the audio of the sounds working and how they are taking over the company and the boss doesn’t even know. In the story of the people who have become monsters it had less audio but it had more to do with making the location realistic. It also had more intense characters with the way they would have their cynical laughs as they were going mad from all that was unfolding. I had never listened to stories that way before and I have to say that I wanted to listen to more after. It was thrilling to hear the characters and how the sounds would work hand in hand as if it was a movie with the tv off. In regards to our theme for horror it is used to bring up a shock value. One person told me that if it wasn’t for the audio, a horror story wouldn’t be as scary and by adding it puts you on the end of your seat.


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