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The Shape of Stories: Last Respects

The way that this story is shaped is that it starts out on a high note with the date between the Tony and Anna as they go to the carnival. So the beginning is all sweet romance, bliss, and everyone is happy. As the story progresses, they are returning to the home and he becomes the chauffer once again with fear of being caught by the uncle, the story takes a downward spiral below the medium. She goes to see him after she is dropped off and wants to stay with her husband. The slope continues to stay steady in the negative as she is caught by her uncle and dies since she is refused to see her husband and her uncle got their marriage annulled. The story moves forward past her funeral and goes to where her coffin lays and he sees her for the first time since. There causes the slope to go above the bar where he confesses to her that he avenged her death by killing her uncle. Then the slope goes back into the negative as Tony soon realizes that he has been locked into the mausoleum and has no way of escaping. The slope stays below the bar for the rest of the story but keeps getting worse as he realizes he is going to die and when his body is found there is only bones left of his true love as he ate her remains in order to survive. When you analyze a story like this and you create a shape for the story it is evident that this one was an image of being on a rollercoaster. It had all its ups and downs and at the end of the ride there was nothing left but the bones.

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